Video: LE Food Grade Lubricants | Food Manufacturing
Lubrication Engineers manufactures a variety of oil and grease solutions specifically formulated to meet the needs of food, beverage and pharmaceutical operations.

Video: LE Xamine Oil Analysis | Manufacturing Net
A good oil analysis program is integral to any successful lubrication reliability program. Routine oil analysis enables you to detect mechanical, operational, and environmental factors that can affect the lifespan of your equipment and oil. LE offers several different Xamine oil analysis solutions to meet your specific needs, including packages for engines or industrial equipment, and for mainline turbines. After consultation, we can recommend the right program for you.

Single-point lubricators help sustain a five-year streak without breakdowns | Cape Business News
After a food manufacturing plant suffered frequent breakdowns of its electrical motors, Lubrication Engineers (LE) South Africa recommended the use of single-point lubricators to automate the accurate dispensing of lubrication to all the bearings around the plant. As a result of the automated lubricators being installed, over five years later the client hasn’t had a single mechanical breakdown.

Crushing Downtime with New Oil | Global Mining Review
LE’s Jim Thomas addresses how the right choice of lubricant can boost operational efficiency and prevent costly failures. Working with a large copper mine in South America, Thomas recommended a gear oil change after repeated failures of the mine’s crushers caused production losses.

Lubrication Engineers Greentastic Industrial Cleaner | Watt Poultry
Greentastic Industrial Cleaner is a water-based, liquid concentrate cleaner that is gentle enough to be used as a general purpose cleaner.

Fast, Effective Industrial Cleanup | Industrial Equipment News
Featured product: Greentastic Industrial Cleaner from Lubrication Engineers is a powerful liquid concentrate water-based cleaner. It is phosphate- and phosphorous-free, making it better for the environment than conventional non-caustic industrial cleaners.

Lubrication Benchmark Audit Gives Industrial Facilities Insight into Lubricant Best Practices | Thomasnet
Bryan Rhodes, lubrication reliability programs manager, is interviewed about LE's new Xpert Lubrication Benchmark Audit service, which helps customers determine how successful they are in handling, using, and storing their lubricants.

Champion Good Lube Practices | Efficient Plant
What do cleanliness and orderliness in a plant have to do with lubrication? Everything, says 47-year industry veteran Dave Piangerelli, President of Lubrication Technologies and longtime representative of LE, in this insightful article.

Enhancing Sustainability by Maximizing Fluid Power Efficiency | Fluid Power Journal
John Sander, vice president of research & development writes about the role that machinery lubrication can play in lowering environmental impacts and maximizing operational efficiency.

Kansas Businesses Honored at Commerce’s ‘To the Stars’ Ceremony | Kansas Commerce
As one of three finalists for Exporter of the Year, LE was among the 297 Kansas businesses honored at this annual event. The Exporter award brings statewide recognition to companies for their exporting efforts and showcases companies as role models of exporting success in Kansas.

Video: LE Xport Clear Grease Guns | Industrial Equipment News
LE's Xport Clear Grease Guns are a simple, cost-effective solution for eliminating cross-contamination and clearing up greasing mistakes in your facility. Learn more about these innovative reliability tools.

Kiln Lubrication Made Easy | International Cement Review
Easy Bar's Clay Lockett explains how expensive kiln repairs can be significantly reduced if a preventative maintenance culture, including proper lubrication, is instilled by the plant’s leaders and personnel. In the case of the kiln’s inside tire bore, lubrication is a crucial and high-priority maintenance task to ensure the reliable function of the kiln, extending its production life.

Episode 044 | Synthetic Base Oils | Lubrication Explained
In this video, John Sander sits down with Rafe Britton of Lubrication Explained to talk all things synthetic base oils - their history, different types, and why on earth PAO gets its own special group.

How approaches to wire rope lubrication are shifting in South Africa | Mining Business Africa
The approaches to wire rope lubrication have shifted in recent years, largely due to important technological advances to improve the application and performance of lubrication products for wire ropes. ... LE South Africa has been at the forefront of these advancements.

Video: Lubrication Engineers: Turbine Oils | Manufacturing Net
If your business relies on turbines to generate power, the turbine oil you use is crucial to minimizing unplanned outages. LE’s Endure and Monolec turbine oils are reliable performers that provide extended service life, excellent water separation, rust & oxidation resistance, nonfoaming performance, and resistance to varnish & sludge formation.

Single-Point Lubricators Help Sustain 5-Year Streak Without Breakdowns. | Engineering & Mining Africa
After a food manufacturing plant suffered frequent breakdowns of its electrical motors, Lubrication Engineers South Africa recommended the use of single-point lubricators to automate the accurate dispensing of lubrication to all the bearings around the plant. As a result of the automated lubricators being installed, over five years later the client hasn’t had a single mechanical breakdown.

Episode 033 | Hydraulic Oils with John Sander | Lubrication Experts
As a guest on the Lubrication Experts podcast, John Sander discusses with host Rafe Britton the importance of using the correct type of hydraulic oil in industrial machinery. They cover the different types of hydraulic oils, their properties and benefits, and how to select the right oil for your equipment.

Melting Lube Bar Prevents Costly Wear | Industrial Equipment News
Easy Bar with Almasol melting lubricant bars prevent costly wear in rotary kiln & dryer components.

Audio Interview: Incidental Food Contact Lubricants | CBM Connect
John Sander, LE's vice president of R&D, dives into Food Lubricants. There are many places and times within the chain of food processing where the food can be contaminated. One of the ways to ensure safe and healthy food is for manufacturers to be aware of the lubricants that they use in the process.

Audio Interview: Solid Bar Lubrication for Kilns | CBM Connect
Clay Lockett, CEO of Easy Bar, discusses solid bar lubrication and the introduction of Easy Bar with Almasol in partnership with LE.

Audio Interview: All About Industrial Grease | CBM Connect
John Sander, LE’s vice president of R&D, goes in depth about industrial grease. He explains what grease is, how it is different from lubricating oil, how to choose the correct grease for an application, the different types of thickeners used in grease, the reason many grease formulators are moving away from lithium thickeners, the NLGI grease grade scale, and what’s coming in the future for grease formulators and end users.

Video: Lubrication Engineers: Calcium Sulfonate Complex Grease | Manufacturing Net
If your grease is washing off, pounding out, not providing adequate protection, calcium sulfonate complex greases may be the solution.

What Are Food-grade Lubricants? Spoiler Alert, You Can’t Eat Them | Thomasnet
Brief explanation and history of food-grade lubricants, including certifications and performance

Lubrication Engineers Introduces Easy Bar with Almasol | Design and Development Today
LE introduces new solid bar lubricant for protecting the inside tire bore of rotary kilns and dryers.

Lubrication Engineers introduces Easy Bar with Almasol | World Cement
LE introduces new solid bar lubricant for protecting the inside tire bore of rotary kilns and dryers.

All Eyes on Lithium: Rising Demand Drives up Prices and the Search for Alternatives | Compoundings
LE's Chad Dolan and John Sander are quoted in this article about the rising demand for lithium and its affect on the availability and price of lithium used as a grease thickener.

Video (360): Lubrication Engineers: Easy Bar | Manufacturing Net
When it comes to safe, effective lubrication for the inside tire bore of rotary kilns and dryers, Easy Bar has been the standard since 1995. Going a step further, Lubrication Engineers now offers Easy Bar with Almasol, featuring the additional wear-reducing benefits of LE’s proprietary additive, Almasol.

How Lubrication Engineers obtained greater control over its business with Zoho One | Zoho One
Zoho One helps global lubricant solution manufacturer, Lubrication Engineers, streamline business processes internally and externally.

Video (360): Xport Ultra Lubricator Delivers Very Precise Discharge | Manufacturing Net
Fully automatic, single-point lubrication system operates independent of temperature and counter pressure, delivering precise discharge.

Tacky, Water-Resistant Grease Keeps Critical Equipment Running | Food & Drink Processing & Packaging website
H1 Quinplex Food Machinery Lubricant (4022-4025) is a semi-synthetic grease that protects critical equipment at food, beverage and pharmaceutical facilities.

Contamination Exclusion Starts with Desiccant Breathers | Industrial Equipment News
Xclude desiccant breathers from Lubrication Engineers are a simple solution for preventing downtime by protecting oil and equipment from contamination.

Tacky, Water-Resistant Grease Keeps Critical Equipment Running | Food & Drink Processing & Packaging magazine (Issue 37, p. 42)
H1 Quinplex Food Machinery Lubricant (4022-4025) is a semi-synthetic grease that protects critical equipment at food, beverage and pharmaceutical facilities.

Sustainable lubrication solutions | Cape Business News
Callum Ford, National Marketing Manager at Lubrication Engineers (LE) South Africa, says there are a range of sustainability considerations when it comes to lubrication and even lubrication cleaning schedules.

Video: Xport Ultra Lubricator | Industrial Equipment News
Lubrication Issues Cause Half of All Bearing Failures. Single point lubricators - like the Xport Ultra Lubricator - are best practice reliability tools.

Audio Interview: Gear Oils | CBM Connect
Casey Budd, research and development chemist, talks about the role of gear oil, how to select the right one, and current trends. He talks about the difference between automotive and industrial gear oils, and between synthetic and mineral gear oils.

Video: Pyroshield Open Gear Lubricants | Manufacturing.net
Are You Beating Up Your Open Gears?

Video: Xtract Drum Topper | Industrial Equipment News
Drum Topper Key to Preventing Premature Machine Failures

Paperitalo Interview with Lubrication Engineers | Nip Impressions
Paperitalo Publications sat down and talked with Mark Jones, Lubrication Reliability Consultant, and Matt Valentine, Director of Sales.

Ultra Automatic Lubricator Ensures Precise Discharge | Industrial Equipment News
It is an extremely versatile and capable lubrication system suited to a wide range of applications that demand high lubrication rates.

Lubrication solutions for plastics manufacturing | Engineering News
Callum Ford, national marketing manager at LE South Africa, explains lubrication solutions for equipment used in the plastics industry.

Video: H1 Quinplex Food Machinery Lubricant | Industrial Equipment News
H1 Quinplex Food Machinery Lubricant from LE has been used in food, beverage, and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities for years to provide dependable operation of a variety of critical equipment.

Common gear problems to look out for | Engineering News
Callum Ford, national marketing manager at LE South Africa, discusses the types of wear seen on gears, and the role of proper lubrication.

Maximize Wire Rope Life with the Right Lubricant and the Right Application Method | PECM
The right lubricant will protect wire rope from degradation, regardless of cause. Learn what to look for in a wire rope lubricant and how to properly apply it, as well as environmental considerations.

Aluminium complex greases: why they make excellent multifunctional lubricants | Engineering News
While no grease can truly be an “all-purpose” lubricant, aluminium complex grease is a valuable multifunctional, multipurpose product. Since they first came into the market in the 1960s, they have undergone numerous improvements, especially in terms of water resistance and thermal and mechanical stability. Callum Ford, National Marketing Manager at Lubrication Engineers (LE) South Africa, explains that ideal applications include vehicle wheel bearings, manufacturing and assembly plants, steel mills, boat trailers, paper mills, and in the rubber, textile and agricultural and construction industries, among others.

Protect Your Large Open Gears with Transparent, Heavy-Metal-Free Pyroshield Lubricants | PECM
Whether you operate a kiln, ball mill, rod mill or other large open gear application, you are familiar with the challenging conditions of daily operation. LE formulated its Pyroshield line of heavy-duty synthetic lubricants to keep large open gears operating at maximum efficiency.

Can Lubricants be Green? | Biomass Magazine
Based on his white paper of the same name, John Sander explains in this article how an unlikely industry – lubrication – can be green through responsibly planned purchasing, storage, use and disposal. He covers other factors that could make some lubricants environmentally friendly, including longer lubricant and component life, and decreased energy use.

Video: Monolec Multiplex Lubricant – A Grease for All Seasons | Industrial Equipment News
Monolec Multiplex Lubricant is a long-lasting EP grease that ensures dependable protection and extended lubrication intervals for a variety of equipment and temperatures.

Drum Topper Prolongs Oil & Equipment Life | Industrial Equipment News
This convenient portable filtration unit can be carried anywhere.

Video: Oil Storage & Transfer Containers Essential for Lubrication Reliability | Industrial Equipment News
Don't leave the lubricants that you depend on open to dirt and moisture.

Universal Tractor Fluid - One Product for All Your Agricultural Needs | Farmers Review Africa
Callum Ford, national marketing manager at LE South Africa, explains that universal tractor fluids offer farmers one multipurpose lubricant solution for almost every requirement. LE’s 7500 Monolec Power Fluid can be used across all major tractor brands and as a heat transfer medium for wet brakes and clutches.

Video: Multilec Industrial Oil | Industrial Equipment News
A powerful combination of performance and versatility.

Audio Interview: Oil Analysis | Reliability Connect
Scott Leipprandt, vice president of International sales & technical services, talks about the role of oil analysis in lubrication reliability.

LE South Africa’s 'Rat Trap' proves not all greases are created equal | Engineering News
Callum Ford, national marketing manager at LE South Africa, explains how LE uses a simple impact test demonstration to compare the performance of two greases to the same force or pressure over time.

Featured Podcast: Improve Reliability with Automatic Lubrication Systems | Efficient Plant
Dean Hammes, Technical manager of automatic lubrication systems, and Preston Rubottom, lubrication reliability solutions manager, explore the pros and cons of automatic-lubrication systems. In the podcast, they address common objections to these systems, factors involved in specifying them, safety issues, the role they play in today’s IIoT technology, and how they can significantly improve reliability.

Sight Glasses Prevent Unplanned Downtime | Industrial Equipment News
Oil sight glasses help detect problems early – preventing downtime.

How To Avoid Bearing Failures with Proper Lubrication | Farmers Review Africa
Callum Ford, national marketing manager at LE South Africa, explains how using the right lubricant and preventing contamination can reduce the incidence of premature bearing failures.

Lubrication solutions for all farm requirements | Farmers Review Africa
Callum Ford, national marketing manager at LE South Africa, advises farmers on lubrication solutions.

Video: Oil Sight Glasses Easily Monitor Health, Level of In-Service Oil | Industrial Equipment News
LE's Xtract Oil sight glasses help detect problems early – preventing downtime.

Lubrication key for wastewater treatment plants to operate effectively | Engineering News
Callum Ford, national marketing manager at LE South Africa, advises wastewater treatment plants on lubricant selection, lubricant consolidation and finding a balance between performance and budget requirements.

Lubrication Engineers’ clean up solution cuts the fat | South African Food Review

Incidental Contact Lubricants in Food Industry | TLT (PDF)
John Sander, LE’s vice president of research & development, is quoted extensively in this informative article about food industry lubricants.

Video: Duolec Industrial Gear Oil from Lubrication Engineers | Industrial Equipment News
High-performance gear oil designed specifically for use in gearbox applications.

Editor's Pick: Equipower Hydraulic Oil | Industrial Equipment News
It’s no secret; one of the best ways to ensure smooth-running hydraulic systems is to use the right fluid.

Audio Interview: All About Hydraulic Oil | CBM Connect
Chemist Nathan Walker talks about hydraulic oil – one of the most important oils used in industry.

Video: Portable Filtration Systems Ensure Lubrication Reliability | Industrial Equipment News
These systems make it easy to pull oil samples, clean the oil, and maintain oil cleanliness in multiple applications using the same fluid.

Video: Lubrication Engineers Desiccant Breathers | Industrial Equipment News
A simple solution for preventing downtime by protecting the oil and equipment in your facility from harmful contamination.

Hydraulic Oil Ensures Equipment Protection | Industrial Equipment News
They feature the ability to maintain viscosity across a wide temperature range.

Reliability Radio: Interview with LE Employee | Reliabilityweb
LE employee is interviewed on Reliability Radio, this time at The Reliability Conference in Bellevue, Wash., and this time captured on video.

The future of lubricating greases in the electric vehicle area | TLT (PDF)
John Sander, vice president of research & development at Lubrication Engineers, is quoted throughout this article.

Embracing the Rainbow: Grease colors can dramatically affect safety, efficiency and brand awareness | ILMA Compoundings (PDF)
LE's John Sander and Paul Grimes are quoted throughout this article (p. 28-32).

Broadcast: One on One with Victor Hogstrom: Scott Schwindaman | KPTS
LE president and Wichita business leader Scott Schwindaman talks about his rise from humble beginnings, and what he thinks the city of Wichita needs to do to reach its full potential.

Podcast: Compressors, Lubricants & Energy Savings | Efficient Plant
In this Efficient Plant podcast, John Sander discusses the role of lubricants in air compressor performance, maintenance and reliability, and how choosing the optimum lubricant and doing proper maintenance can result in notable energy savings.

Equity Bank Series: Scott Schwindaman | Dose of Leadership Podcast
Richard Rierson interviews Scott Schwindaman, president & CEO of Lubrication Engineers. Schwindaman oversees a company that has more than 100 employees in the U.S. and a large network of independent consultants and distributors who sell LE products and services worldwide.

Audio Interview: Synthetic vs Mineral Lubricants | CBM Connect
Are synthetic or mineral lubricants right for you? John Sander, vice president of research & development, shares the differences between the two lubricants and which may work better for you.

6 Advantages of Automatic Lubrication and Single Point Lubricators | Ludeca
Lubrication Engineers employee writes guest post on the Ludeca blog: "6 Advantages of Automatic Lubrication and Single Point Lubricators."

Lubrication moves up a gear | International Cement Review (PDF)
LE consultant Kevin Chapin writes about the continuing benefits experienced by his customer - a cement plant in Pennsylvania - after switching to LE's Pyroshield Syn XHvy Open Gear Lubricant on its Finish Mill.

Audio Interview: Lubricant Viscosity | CBM Connect
John Sander, vice president of research & development, discusses what viscosity is, why it’s important, and what conditions you should consider.

Audio Interview: Environmentally Friendly Green Lubricants | CBM Connect
John Sander, vice president of research & development, discusses what going green means when it comes to lubricants and how to create a green lubricant program.

Proper Maintenance Program Ensures Optimal Diesel Engine Performance | Pacific Maritime (PDF)
LE consultant Scott Irwin writes about the challenges faced by diesel equipment operators, particularly in marine operations, and explains the benefits of using cetane boosted fuel additives such as LE's Full Torque product.

Reliability Radio Ep. 154: Interview with LE Employee | Reliabilityweb
LE's asset reliability training and education manager discusses proper lubrication processes and the positive impact this approach will have on improving your reliability program.

Video: Lubricant Dramatically Lengthens Grease Intervals | Industrial Equipment News
Premium lithium complex grease recommended for a wide range of industrial applications that require a long-lasting, water-resistant lubricant.

Video: Single Point Lubricators Deliver the Right Amount to the Right Place at the Right Time | Industrial Equipment News
Lubricators reduce bearing failures, accidents, costs and downtime.

Audio Interview: What are the Most Common Lubrication Issues You See? | CBM Connect
Rodney Fitzpatrick with Lubrication Engineers Pty Ltd, Australia, discusses the top lubrication issues that he’s seen, and what the best resolutions are.

Lubricants can't be green ... can they? | Innovations in Food Processing & Packaging  (PDF)
John Sander, vice president of research & development at Lubrication Engineers, explains how the lubrication industry can be environmentally friendly through responsibly planned purchasing, storage, use and disposal. He also challenges the limited regulatory view of green lubricants that fails to consider longer lubricant and component life, and decreased energy use.

Bearing Fruit in the Food-Grade Lubricants Market | Compoundings (PDF)
LE employees are quoted throughout this article about the challenge for food-grade lubricant manufacturers in addressing regulatory challenges while remaining cost-effective in the market.

Reliability Radio Ep. 029: Interview with LE Employee | Reliabilityweb
LE employee talks all things reliability during this podcast recorded at The Reliability Conference in April 2018 in Las Vegas.

Curving Consumption | World Cement (PDF)
Dom Peña of LE Philippines uses a case study from a CEMEX plant to show how LE's open gear lubricants can reduce power consumption at cement plants.

Old oil cans open the door to contamination. | Industrial Equipment News
Old oil cans open the door to contamination.

Desiccant Breathers: Front Line Defense in War on Lubricant Contamination | Global Cement (PDF)
With contamination a cause of premature machinery failure and diminished lubricant life, cement producers know that maintaining clean oil is one of the best investments they can make. Desiccant breathers can help as a front line defense in the ‘war’ on lubricant contamination.

Improving Oven Chain Lubrication | Uptime (PDF)
Jeff Turner, executive vice president, writes about oven chain lubrication. Increased operational efficiencies can be achieved by selecting chain lubricants and methods of applying them that match the operating environments and failure modes of the chains. Several mini-case studies show that an application-specific chain lubricant designed to combat the deleterious effects of water, dust, heat, etc. can save a considerable amount of money.

Time to Retire the Grease Penetration Test? | Lubes'n'Greases EMEA - p. 14
This article is based on a report written by John Sander, LE's vice president of technology.

Providing Food-Grade Lubricants in a Global Marketplace | ILMA Compoundings Magazine - p. 14
John Sander, LE's vice president of technology, was interviewed for this article.

A Clear Choice | World Coal (PDF)
Lubrication Engineers International representative details ways enhanced open gear lubricants provide tangible benefits in heavy industry.

Can't We All Just Get Along? Melding the Worlds of Production and Reliability | Uptime (PDF)
LE employee explains that to have a world-class reliability-centered maintenance program, it is essential for the worlds of production and reliability to get along.

20 Minutes with Scott Leipprandt | TLT, p. 16-18 (PDF)
Make oil analysis part of a larger reliability program, urges LE's technical services manager.

Self-cleaning for multiple paybacks | International Cement Review, p. 69-70 (PDF)
LE lubrication reliability consultant Kevin Chapin explains how the use of an unsuitable lubricant led to high gear temperatures and cement ingress in an Essroc cement plant in Nazareth, Penn. A change to LE's Pyroshield synthetic open gear lubricant led to a cleaner ball mill gear, reduced operating temps and avoided costly mill shutdowns.

Saving Energy: The Lubrication Factor | World Coal (PDF)
John Sander discusses frequently overlooked ways in which lubricants can be used to help lower energy consumption.

How a New Reliability Maintenance Program Delivered a 705% ROI | Uptime, p. 54-58 (PDF)
LE's Clay Calk, department manager - Business Solutions, writes about how E. & J. Gallo Winery's spirits making plant achieved a tremendous return on investment after transitioning to a world-class reliability maintenance program using professional services and enhanced lubricants.

Lubricants for Wire Ropes – New Product Trends | Lube Magazine, p. 30-35 (PDF)
LE's John Sander, vice president of technology, and Lou Honary, president, Environmental Lubricants Manufacturing, write about wire rope lubrication, including new legislative environmental guidelines that are driving users to give consideration to wire rope lubricants that not only lubricate and protect, but also are considerate to the environment.

Busting Ghost Particles; Are particle counting tests haunted by phantom results? | Lubes & Greases, p. 30-39
LE's John Sander, vice president of technology, writes about the problem of fluid that has just been filtered still appearing to contain particulates, as shown in particle evaluation tests.

Drives and Controls | International Mining, p. 65-66 (PDF)
Large open gears in mining face challenging conditions, and open gear lubricants must be specially formulated to keep equipment operating at maximum efficiency. In the "Gear Lubrication Success" section of this article, read about how our distributor in South Africa successfully converted the girth gear on a customer's mill drive to LE's Pyroshield® Syn XHvy Open Gear Lubricant.

New Pack a Driving Force in Boosting Sales | Brand Packaging, p. 32 & 34 (PDF)
LE made changes to its product, packaging and sales channels, in part to secure its leadership with heavy duty on- and off-road equipment and also to expand sales in the truck and passenger car marketplace. The brand updated its diesel fuel improver formulation to improve the end-user experience and collaborated with TricorBraun Design & Innovation Group to develop new packaging with a strong shelf presence for this updated product – Full Torque – as well as for its full line of engine oils.

Energy Efficient Lubricants | Energy Efficiency B & I, p. 10-11 (PDF)
John Hayes, LE sales consultant, and Angus Macdonald, of LE International write about the 21% energy reduction achieved at Miller Concrete Products in Pennsylvania after the company switched to LE's Duolec Vari-Purpose Gear Lubricant in its concrete mixer gearbox.

LE Supports Bulgarian Cement Plant | World Cement (PDF)
A Bulgarian cement plant with two kilns and eight mills wanted to improve gear protection and reduce open gear lubricant consumption. Lubrication Engineers Hellas recommended Pyroshield® Syn XHvy Open Gear Lubricant (9011). Plant personnel converted to Pyroshield 9011 and achieved many positive results.

Hanging by a Thread; Wire Rope Lubes Help Assure Safe Operations | Lubes & Greases p. 22-26
LE's Jeff Turner, executive vice president, is quoted in this article about the proper lubrication and care of wire ropes in industrial use. LE's Low Tox lubricants are mentioned, as well as the Viper MK automatic lubricator.

The Mystery of Industrial Lubricants | IMPO Magazine
LE's Clay Calk and others give advice about the efficient management of industrial lubricants, including selection, storage and handling.

LE Company Profile | Gear Solutions (PDF)
What was originally founded by three salesman looking to provide a superior lubricant to the manufacturing industry has grown into a successful, wide-reaching business with customers and influence all over the world.

The Journey to Reliability Uncovers a 'Hidden Plant' Within the Walls | Uptime (PDF)
LE's vice president of manufacturing operations explains the process by which Lubrication Engineers improved its plant-wide reliability program in order to maximize uptime and positively impact the company's bottom line. LE was already very good at helping its customers improve lubrication reliability and mechanical uptime, but needed to walk the walk, not just talk the talk. Results of the seven-year project included significant labor and lubricant use reductions, adding up to thousands of dollars of savings per year.

Don't stop 'til you get enough | World Coal (PDF)
Mark Barnes, Des-Case Corp., and an LE consultant explain that it is eminently possible to provide 50,000-hour off-highway diesel engine rebuilds.

9 Critical Steps for Successful RMP Implemention | IMPO (PDF)
Clay Calk, department manager – National Strategic Accounts, provides the nine steps maintenance professionals need to take in order to successfully implement or upgrade their reliability maintenance program.

Keeping the cogs turning | Mining Magazine (PDF)
Ever wondered what the difference is between oils and greases, what they do and how their selection affects machine performance? MM goes back to the basics in this article, which features quotes from LE representatives John Sander, Matthew Reiner, John Hayes and Angus Macdonald.

Turbine Lubrication: Combating Buildup and Improving Reliability | Power Engineering
This article about turbine lubrication includes advice from employees at a variety of lubricant companies, including LE&'s Wade Flemming, laboratory supervisor: Choosing the correct oil is an important first step in keeping your turbines working at peak performance.

A Modern Day History of Reliability and Industrial Lubrication | Compoundings (PDF)
Scott Schwindaman, president and CEO, writes about the changes that have occurred in manufacturing in the past four and a half decades with regard to equipment lubrication. He encourages independent lubricant manufacturers to look at these changes to better understand the unique opportunity they have to provide the expertise and support their industrial customers need. By complementing the role of reliability engineers, companies like LE can help their customers move forward in reliability and profitability.

50,000 Hour Off Highway Diesel Engine Rebuilds: They are Possible! | Bakken Oil Business Journal
From dozers to graders and loaders to haul trucks, diesel engines are everywhere. For companies that rely on diesel power to make their living, there's no greater emphasis than diesel engine reliability. Read how LE's Jim Pezoldt helped a coal mining operation improve profitability by lowering maintenance costs and extending the life of its diesel engines.

Lubrication Best Practices | Milling Journal (PDF)
This article is about lubrication best practices and contamination control, including the numerous products available to help improve plant efficiency and safety. It is based on a presentation by Chris Nowlen, LE lubrication consultant, Tullahoma, Tenn., at the 2012 International Association of Operative Millers Southeast District’s fall meeting and technical conference.

Lubrication: proaction pays | International Cement Review (PDF)
A proactive approach to lubrication can yield significant cost savings and avoid unscheduled kiln shutdowns. The selection of an appropriate lubricant is a key element in this task. The use of high-quality lube bars results in kilns operating as designed, delivering their optimum productivity.

When Do Synthetic Lubricants Make Sense? | World Cement (PDF)
John Sander, vice president of technology, defines synthetic lubricants and describes major types, including their general applications, benefits and disadvantages, in order to help alleviate some of the confusion for lubricant end users as they select lubricants for their equipment.

Playing the Numbers Game | World Cement (PDF)
John Sander, vice president of technology, warns against basing the decision to purchase gear lubricants solely on price.

50,000 Hour Off-Highway Diesel Engine Rebuilds: They are possible! | Uptime (PDF)
From dozers to graders and loaders to haul trucks, diesel enginesare everywhere. For companies that rely on diesel power to make their living, there's no greater emphasis than diesel engine reliability. Read how LE's Jim Pezoldt helped a coal mining operation improve profitability by lowering maintenance costs and extending the life of its diesel engines.

NICHE MASTER – Scott Schwindaman finds success staying true to specialized markets | Wichita Business Journal (PDF)
If there's one thing that Scott Schwindaman knows, it's how to market a niche. As the president and CEO of Lubrication Engineers, he runs a company that provides high-end products designed for very specific uses by industrial customers.

Even I Can Understand That! Equipment Lubrication Made Simple | Uptime (PDF)
During a roundtable discussion on lubrication best practices, Dave Piangerelli, owner of Lubrication Technologies, Inc. of West Springfield, Mass., mentioned that lubricating equipment was a difficult task. I made the mistake of asking, “What’s so difficult about lubricating equipment?”.

Shedding Light on Lubrication Viscosity | World Cement (PDF)
John Sander contemplates the considerations, classifications and tests for lubrication viscosity.

Hidden benefits of lubricant consolidation | Innovations in Food Technology (PDF)
Food processing plants have countless pieces of equipment operating to complete their production processes. A typical plant uses several different lubricants to reduce friction in this equipment and keep it running smoothly. However, most plants would see several benefits if they were to implement lubricant consolidation.

Lubrication – The Lifeblood of Wire Ropes in Cement Plants | World Cement (PDF)
Jeff Turner details the importance of appropriate lubrication for wire ropes.

Lowering Energy Consumption Using Lubricants | World Cement (PDF)
John Sander tells how this often overlooked purchasing decision can impact energy efficiency.

High-performance lubricants: Cost vs. performance | TLT (PDF)
Despite higher prices, performance products can actually lower the net use cost to your organization.

Time for a Spring Clean? | World Cement (PDF)
John Sander and Clay Calk outline the hidden benefits of lubricant consolidation at cement plants.

Enhanced lubricants | International Cement Review (PDF)
The maintenance of large open gear systems in cement plants presents a significant challenge because of the heavy loads and harsh environmental conditions. Enhanced lubricants such as Pyroshield can improve profits by improving the reliability of the open gears and by reducing their required maintenance.

Best-Practice Gearbox Lubrication | Gear Solutions (PDF)
Lubrication Engineers shares the results of its R&D efforts and its knowledge of how to improve gearbox reliability, resulting in significant savings and increased unit life.

Consolidation brings peace of mind to maintenance managers | Innovations in Food Technology (PDF)
To be a valuable resource for a food manufacturing facility, lubricant suppliers should be well versed not just in lubricants but also in reliability and contamination control techniques. They should be able to identify problems and their root causes, recommend solutions and assist with implementation.

Improving food plant reliability | Innovations in Food Technology (PDF)
In these tough economic times, it has never been more important for food manufacturing plants to focus on improving reliability by using premium H1 food grade lubricants and simple, cost-effective reliability products.

Oil Analysis & Lubricant Management Prove Successful | Machinery Lubrication (PDF)
Southern Champion Tray Company is a manufacturer and printer of food containers. Read how plant personnel made important changes; including filtration, desiccant breathers and new lubricant storage containers; after oil analysis reflected high contamination levels.

Improving Oven Chain Lubrication: High Temperature Environments | Machinery Lubrication (PDF)
Chains operating at high temperatures can be lubricated in two different ways with a liquid lubricant, or with a solid lubricant suspended in a carrier fluid. Whether solid or liquid, the lubricating film physically separates contacting metal surfaces, thereby reducing friction and wear.

Comminution Conundrum | International Mining (PDF)
How do you get the crushing and grinding equipment you need in today's market? And once you have it, how do install and maintain it to achieve its best?