Best practices boost agricultural production

If you work in agriculture, you know how important your equipment is to productivity. Whether you are using tractors, bailers, trucks, air compressors, vacuum pumps or other agricultural machinery, keeping equipment running during critical periods is imperative. That can be difficult because of the harsh environmental and operating conditions – such as cold, heat, dirt and water – that can be detrimental to a lubricant’s performance in your equipment.

LE can help by putting together a comprehensive lubrication reliability program featuring quality lubricants and best practices that will protect your equipment, increase production, and save you time and money. You rely on your equipment. Let our lubrication reliability program help you take care of it.

LE has solutions for ag challenges

A good lubrication reliability program starts with having a thorough knowledge of the application and equipment. In agriculture, early starts can be in very cold temperatures, while daytime weather can become extremely hot. Irrigation exposes bearings and gearboxes to water. Deep plowing places heavy loads on tractors.

In severe conditions such as these, you need heavy-duty grease that will not wash off, pound out or melt and run. LE has an extremely tacky grease recommended for extended service applications, one that will lengthen grease intervals and not harden with age. LE also can supply farmers and other agricultural customers with automatic lubrication systems to ensure that their equipment is lubricated with the right grease, in the right amount, at the right intervals.

LE can enhance the engine performance of agricultural mobile equipment with a robust engine oil formulation that prevents deposits and reduces wear in diesel and gasoline engines. LE engine oils deliver all-season performance. They are formulated to provide good viscosity properties at both high and low temperatures. When combined with periodic oil analysis and filter changes, they can safely extend drain intervals. LE also provides transmission fluids and diesel fuel improvers to help keep your equipment running at maximum efficiency.

Fertilizing and chemical spraying tend to be corrosive, so lubricants with excellent rust and oxidation additives are imperative to help protect the equipment. For example, dry fertilizer will collect on the travelling chain in the bed of the spreader. This can cause the chain to break when put in action. LE has a line of lubricants specially designed to protect chains and wire rope from rust and corrosion.

Let LE help

Has your equipment manual become lost or outdated? No worries. Our expert lubrication consultants can recommend the right lubricant. Whatever lubrication-related challenges you are facing in your agricultural operation, LE can recommend solutions and provide support.

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