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Filler bars and refractory brick are vital components to kiln service life. When properly maintained and lubricated, filler bars allow the riding ring to float during thermal expansion while in operating conditions. Excessive wear of the filler bars could cause high ovality conditions, which can lead to loss of refractory and possible misalignment of the riding ring to the kiln shell.

Easy Bar with Almasol (9210-9213)

Since 1995, Easy Bar® solid lube bar technology has set the standard for protecting the inside tire bore of rotary kilns and dryers. This innovative product has prevented unplanned downtime and reduced costs for organizations around the world. New in 2022, LE’s Easy Bar® with Almasol® takes kiln lubrication to a whole new level of performance by marrying the additional wear-reducing benefits of LE’s solid EP additive, Almasol, with the proven benefits of Easy Bar.

The Easy Bar with Almasol patented blend of mineral and metal lubricants is suspended in a solid polymer binder that melts at approximately 49°C (120°F). The auto-ignition point of the bar is 538°C (1,000°F), one of the highest in the industry, which prevents dangerous flame-ups.

When the bar is placed between the tire bore and shell, the binder melts – leaving no residue – and the rolling action of the kiln distributes the lubricant where it’s needed to create a lubricating film that protects against costly steel-on-steel contact. Due to the high temperatures and high loads in this application, proper lubrication of the tire bore is essential to minimize shell ovality, protect wear pads, and lengthen refractory life.

In addition to its performance benefits, Easy Bar with Almasol takes less time to apply than traditional kiln lubrication methods. For best results, bars should be applied weekly, with the quantity determined by using kiln measurements.

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Almasol®, LE’s propriety solid wear-reducing additive, is able to withstand extremely heavy loads, chemical attack and temperatures up to 1,900°F (1,038°C). It is attracted to metal surfaces, forming a microscopic layer but not building on itself or affecting clearances. Further, Almasol minimizes metal-to-metal contact and the resulting friction, heat and wear.

Benefits of Easy Bar with Almasol

EasyBar Solid Bar Lubricants

  • Lengthens equipment life and reduces unscheduled maintenance and downtime by:
    • Preventing steel-on-steel contact
    • Extending life of filler bars
    • Reducing scoring of kiln tires, wear pads and stop blocks
    • Minimizing potential for shell ovality
    • Lengthening refractory life
    • Filling microscopic imperfections in contact surfaces
  • Does not auto-ignite at temperatures less than 538°C (1,000°F), which protects your kiln against fire and minimizes personnel expose to a hostile environment
  • Is non-corrosive and non-hazardous

How to Apply Easy Bar with Almasol

Bars can be applied by hand or by using the Easy Bar Lubricator insertion tool.

Before inserting an Easy Bar, the kiln should be at an operating temperature of at least 52°C (125°F). Once the kiln is at operating temperature, manually place one bar every quarter revolution between filler bars or pads at the 5 or 7 o’clock positions. Application should be made on the “uphill” side flush with the tire or riding ring for proper lubrication.

Easy Bar Lubricator

The Easy Bar Lubricator (LEX-EASYBARTOOL) insertion tool provides a much-needed safety zone between the lubrication technician and the hostile temperature of the kiln. Use the tool to safely apply Easy Bar® with Almasol® lubricant bars into the filler bar gaps when the bars cannot be inserted by hand.

The Lubricator tool is 5 feet long, lightweight, and has a flexible neck that can be easily angled for swift application of the lubricant bars. It is designed to firmly hold the Easy Bar with Almasol lubricant bar without interfering with the release of the bar. Simply slide the push knob, and the lubricant bar quickly glides into the filler bar gaps, effectively reducing application time to under one minute per pier, per week.

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