Industrial fuel treatments help improve engine performance

With the high cost of fuel and the need to get every last mile of performance out of our engines, LE’s fuel conditioners are a simple solution for improving engine performance and improving fuel economy. These gasoline and diesel fuel treatments have been formulated for use in heavy-duty industrial fleet applications. Whether you operate trucks, buses, farm vehicles, construction equipment, marine engines, or even mowers and chainsaws, our fuel treatments help you maximize engine performance and save on fuel costs – making you greener in the process.

Cetane-boosted Full Torque™ keeps injectors clean

Full Torque Trucking

If you liked our old BTU+ diesel fuel treatment, you will really like our new high-performance Full Torque™ Diesel Fuel Improvers. Field-tested for several months on the ice roads of Alaska, Full Torque has proven to be a valuable asset for long-haul diesel engine operators fighting to keep their trucks on the road despite harsh environments.

Full Torque is a cetane-boosted, detergent-containing fuel additive formulation that increases power, improves fuel economy, reduces emissions, and provides smoother performance year-round in diesel engines. Full Torque’s cetane booster increases a fuel’s cetane number up to three numbers, resulting in faster ignition time, more power, easier starts and less smoke at startup. This hard-working diesel fuel conditioner is also loaded with special detergents that keep injector systems clean and working at maximum performance, as well as ingredients that protect against wear, water and corrosion. Full Torque has been formulated to work with today’s biofuels, ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD) fuels, and renewable diesel fuels. It also works with today’s high pressure common rail systems.

Full Torque™ Summer (2421) & Winter (2411) formulas provide year-round performance

Full Torque Winter (2411) & Summer (2421) Formula
  • Boost cetane number up to three numbers
  • Decrease ignition time and minimize smoke at startup
  • Decrease fuel pump and injector wear with improved lubricity
  • Protect fuel system against rust and corrosion
  • Enhance performance of fuel injectors, including high-pressure common rail systems
  • Eliminate fuel-related smoke
  • Increase fuel economy
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Full Torque™ Winter formula (2411) also provides extreme cold weather performance

  • Ensures easier cold startups
  • Prevents fuel gelling by controlling wax formation
  • Lowers pour point and cold filter plugging point
  • Decreases cold flow temp and inhibits ice formation
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Full Torque Treat Rate Chart

Gasoline fuel treatment protects engines & helps fuel economy

L-X 2300 Pint

L-X® Heavy Duty Chemical Supplement (2300) is a combination of oils and chemicals carefully formulated for use in automobiles, trucks and other gasoline engines. It increases power through a more efficient combustion of the fuel, which in turn improves fuel economy.

L-X keeps engines clean and reduces frictional wear by combating carbon, varnish and gum deposits that prevent an engine from operating at maximum efficiency. It also protects engine parts, physically permeating the metal surfaces and adding a sacrificial layer to protect rings, plugs, pistons, valves, carburetors, and fuel injectors from heat, corrosion and acids. This uncanny ability to permeate the microscopic pores found in metal surfaces lends itself to a variety of additional uses.

Beneficial Qualities

Keeps engine clean

  • Combats carbon, varnish and gum deposits
  • Cleans existing deposits and prevents future formations

Reduces frictional wear on internal engine parts
Reduces corrosive wear

  • Minimizes fuel dilution
  • Keeps dispersed water in suspension for complete removal

Maximizes fuel combustion

  • Increases power
  • Saves fuel

LE offers a complete line of fleet products, including engine oils, greases & fuel treatments.

LE is happy to offer industrial lubricant and reliability recommendations for a variety of fleet applications, and to provide product-specific data to help you make the right decision. To learn more about our diesel fuel conditioners, gasoline treatments, engine oils, greases and other products, please contact LE today.

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