Overview – Xpert™ MLT I

In this course, managers, engineers and technicians alike will learn the impact that best-in-class lubrication practices can have on machine health and reliability. They will see why machine lubrication activities should be moved from modest and reactive to thorough, accurate and proactive. If your facility has any of the following equipment, you will benefit from this course: blowers/fans, compressors, gas turbines, gearboxes, hydraulic systems, motor bearings, paper machines, process pumps, rolling mills and steam turbines.

Benefits – Xpert™ MLT I

  • Advance the lubrication knowledge and expertise of your reliability team
  • Gain control over the lubrication process and over your daily equipment reliability routine
  • Increase profits by increasing efficiency and reducing labor and downtime, all while protecting machinery

Course Content – Xpert™ MLT I

  • Lubrication fundamentals
  • Lubrication of key equipment components
  • Contamination control & storage and handling
  • Oil analysis for enhanced equipment reliability
  • Lubricant programs & application of lubricants

Online Training – Xpert™ MLT I

Coordinated with our Training Expert, you’ll receive best-in-class lubrication practices content with the added convenience of online training!

Class size is limited to 20 people.

Course Schedule Offering — Xpert™ MLT I

3 Day Training

  • Total number of days needed: 3
  • Days 1-3 training seminar (8 a.m.-5 p.m. CST)
  • Day 4 Optional ICML Online exam – scheduled at your convenience!

Cost — Xpert™ MLT I

  • See registration page or flyer on this page for current class pricing.
  • Cost includes 3 day training seminar.
  • Optional ICML exam after training seminar is completed on 4th day or thereafter is not included in class fee paid to LE. This registration step is separate and handled directly through ICML.

Optional ICML Test Registration

ICML requires a minimum of two years post secondary education or on-the-job training, plus at least 16 hours of formal training in machinery lubrication in order to test for MLT I certification. Qualified candidates should contact ICML, in advance of the training, at 918-259-2950 or follow this MLT I Test Registration link to register for testing. The testing fee should be paid directly to ICML.

Private training

We can also conduct private training for your employees at your facility. Click here to start the process and obtain a quote for dedicated on-site private training classes at your facility.

Have training questions? Call (800) 537-7683 or click to contact LE.