Extend lifespan of chemical manufacturing and processing equipment

The Lubrication Engineers challenges at chemical manufacturing and processing plants include continuous operation, temperature extremes, and contamination from chemicals, water and particulates. For equipment to continue running, the lubricant has to perform, despite all of the challenging conditions. Keeping your rotary compressors, centrifugal compressors, ammonia chillers, hydraulic systems, pumps, electric motors and other equipment running efficiently can be a challenge if you are not investing in a lubricant reliability program.

Protect your bottom line by investing in industrial lubricants that exceed specifications and in reliability products that keep the lubricants dry and contaminant-free throughout their expected life. In doing so, you will protect your equipment from unplanned downtime and costly repairs. These investments will pay for themselves by:

  • Lengthening the lifespan of lubricant and equipment
  • Increasing production output
  • Reducing oil temperatures
  • Reducing friction, heat and wear
  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Extending oil change intervals
  • Decreasing waste oil

To ensure operational success, look for lubricants that exceed the specifications for your equipment. Even better, look for a supplier like LE that can provide you with all of the lubricant reliability program elements, helping you assess, design and implement a comprehensive program tailored to your organization’s needs.

Places to start with your lubrication reliability program

There are several opportunities for improvement at chemical manufacturing and processing plants that can go a long way to making your operation run smoother and more efficiently. Here are some places to start.

Electric motors

Per the U.S. Department of Energy, more than 70% of electricity consumed in industry comes from electric motors. Electric motors can represent as much as one-fourth of all rotating equipment in a plant. A majority of electric motor failures are bearing related. Motor life depends on bearing life, and bearing life depends on proper lubrication, making this a great place to start your lubrication reliability efforts.

LE can supply you with the right electric motor grease for your operation with characteristics such as:

  • Oxidation resistance
  • Mechanical & structure stability
  • Anti-wear protection
  • Rust & corrosion protection
  • Low oil bleed
  • Good channeling characteristics
  • NLGI 2 or 3
  • Low-temperature torque

In addition to electric motor greases, LE offers a variety of grease application tools, whether you apply manually or would prefer time-saving automatic lubrication systems.


Lubrication requirements vary considerably based on compressor type, the environment in which it is used, and the type of gas that is being compressed. Lubricant plays a critical role in sealing, preventing corrosion, preventing wear, and protecting internal metal parts. LE has lubricants for most compressor types, whether they are centrifugal compressors, reciprocating compressors, centrifugal compressors, rotary screw compressors, rotary vane compressors or dry screw compressors.

When looking for an air compressor lubricant, first consider viscosity requirements. Next, look for a lubricant that provides the following benefits.

  • Excellent rust and corrosion protection
  • High oxidation stability to maintain viscosity and provide long service life
  • Nonfoaming
  • Demulsibility properties to shed water
  • Filterability without the worry of lubricant additive depletion

Oil analysis program

A good oil analysis program is integral to any successful lubricant reliability program. Understanding your benchmark and what is happening inside the equipment is critical to understanding what improvements need to be made. With consistent, accurate monitoring of the condition of your oil – whether in an engine, gearbox, compressors, circulating system or turbine – an oil analysis program can provide a blueprint for your next lubrication reliability improvement steps. LE’s oil analysis program – Xamine™ – monitors oil samples for mechanical, operational and environmental factors that can affect equipment and oil life. With Xamine™, you can be confident you’re testing with a company that knows lubricants and knows your equipment. LE’s testing facilities are ISO 17025 A2LA accredited, giving you peace of mind that your fluid analysis program is supported by a documented quality system you can depend on to deliver superior testing and customer service.

LE offers full-service support for chemical manufacturing and processing plants

In addition to onsite equipment assessment, consultation and service, LE provides the following customization and value-added options:

  • Lubricant conversion
  • Automatic lubrication system design, implementation and support
  • Lubrication education and training

LE is happy to offer industrial lubricant and reliability recommendations for a variety of chemical manufacturing and processing plant applications, and to provide product-specific data on all of our items to help you make the right decision. To learn more about our lubricant and reliability solutions for chemical manufacturing and processing applications, please contact LE today.

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