High-Temperature Grease Guide

High-temperature grease is a lubricant applied to equipment operating at high heat levels. Such greases can resist degradation in the presence of hot temperatures and heavy loads while providing ideal lubrication, enhanced wear resistance and performance, and increased uptime and longevity for machinery components like bushings and bearings. Choosing the right grease for a project […]

How to Select the Right Fluid for Your Hydraulic System

(Click to Expand) The right hydraulic fluid makes all the difference to the performance and longevity of your hydraulic system. Learn more about the characteristics that matter most and how to find a hydraulic fluid with the right performance and protective properties. How Hydraulic Fluids Affect Pump Performance Hydraulic systems comprise both physical components and […]

Different Types of Lubrication

(Click to Expand) What are lubricants? Lubricants minimize the friction that occurs when two parts come into contact. They can also lessen or prevent oxidation and corrosion, create a seal that safeguards against dirt and dust, serve as power transmission, and regulate heat in certain applications. Four types of lubricants are prevalent in commercial and […]

Causes of Low Oil Pressure in Engines

Click to Expand Low oil pressure in an engine can disrupt performance, lead to overheating and friction between moving parts, and eventually cause the engine to stall. Learning more about the common causes of low oil pressure in different environments can help you protect your engines from damage – and reduce the risk of costly […]