Industrial lubricant selection affects equipment efficiency

At Lubrication Engineers, we know the difference between a fully functioning machine and mechanical failure can boil down to your choice of industrial lubricants. The bearings of many advanced pieces of equipment operate under extreme levels of constant stress. If, however, you select your industrial lubricant from LE carefully, wisely and in accordance with the requirements of the application, you can provide a much more efficient way for your machinery to go about its business. Bearings often operate under severe conditions that include heavy loads, shock loads, high speeds, temperature extremes and contaminants. Your motors, pumps, U-joints, shafts, countershafts, exhaust fan bearings and other parts and equipment all stand a better chance of thriving if given a healthy dose of the right industrial lubricant.

Water-resistant grease protects your bearings

When it comes to industrial lubricants for water and wastewater treatment facilities, the greatest amount of lubricant contamination stems from water. Dust, dirt, process chemicals and cross-contamination are other sources of contamination that can create problems with equipment. Grit washers, clarifiers, blowers and other equipment you rely upon to keep your plant operating efficiently all have bearings in need of lubrication. Lubricant quality is essential in preventing rust, corrosion and other wear. LE is the industrial lubricant company that can help you confront all of your housekeeping needs with its array of lubricants, including greases that inhibit rust and oxidation and water-resistant greases that shed or tolerate water without losing their original properties.

Cost-effective solution: clean, dry industrial lubricant

Maintaining clean, dry industrial lubricants is much more cost-effective than removing excess contaminants and moisture after they have infiltrated your lubricants. The right lubricant and the right storage, handling, application and contamination exclusion tools will help you keep out harmful contaminants. For example, we can provide high-quality desiccant breathers for keeping moisture and contaminants out of your lubricant, and we recommend our Clear Grease Guns for ensuring that you use the right grease for the application, 100 percent of the time.

In case water does become a problem for your equipment, LE provides lubricants with demulsibility characteristics to combat the problem before it leads to costly downtime and repairs. LE also recommends tools such as sight glasses and filtration systems for detecting and removing water, rust particles and other contaminants from lubricants so they can continue to perform efficiently and protect your equipment.

With proper lubricants and a comprehensive lubrication reliability program, you’ll keep your gear reducers, air compressors, hydraulics, turbines and open gears running efficiently – without costly downtime.

Run your water and wastewater treatment facility smoothly and efficiently with LE

Running a water or wastewater treatment facility is not an easy job, but LE can help you run a smooth, efficient operation. Proper maintenance has become much more complex over the years, requiring more highly trained, highly motivated, specialized personnel. LE provides onsite consultation and analysis, equipment reliability assessment and an oil analysis program featuring expert interpretation. Our trained experts will identify any problems, current or anticipated, then take you through all the lubrication reliability products and services that will help you maximize uptime at your plant.

The LE solution: reliable industrial lubrication

Your best bet for maintaining a water purification or wastewater treatment plant the right way is to let LE offer you a comprehensive and long-term industrial lubrication strategy that includes our products and services. Our consultants will inspect your plant onsite, offer in-depth analysis; recommend lubricant and reliability solutions; orchestrate program design, implementation and support; and offer education and training.

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