Keep trucks hauling with LE lubricants

Continuous operation, heavy loads, damp conditions and dirt can play havoc on the condition of the lubricants that you depend on every day to get the job done. Garbage trucks see the worst conditions, running for long intervals with a lot of idling and stop-and-start driving. To make matters worse, extreme environmental conditions such as heat and cold can be detrimental to the long-term health of the lubricant, and ultimately of your equipment. Lubrication Engineers can help you put together a complete lubricant reliability program that will protect your lubricant and equipment, saving you time and money.

LE has solutions to refuse & waste system challenges

The difficult conditions can cause extensive soot accumulation and possible fuel dilution of the engine oil, but LE’s diesel fuel improver can help control soot ingression and prevent soot from accumulating to the point that it becomes abrasive. LE can supply you with all of your engine oil, transmission fluid and fuel supplement needs, safely extending the time between oil change intervals. To calculate the potential savings your operation CAN realize by using LE’s superior engine oils, try using our fleet calculator.

All mechanical metal surfaces need proper lubrication to be protected from dirt, moisture, heavy loads and shock. LE’s high-performance greases will not pound out, melt or run, while staying extremely tacky and resistant to water. These greases are ideal for refuse and waste system operations, especially for U-joints, suspensions, drivelines, kingpins, spring shackle pins and wheel bearings.

LE also has excellent gear lubricants for extending the life of differentials, protecting them from the effects of dirt, moisture, shock and heavy loads. LE’s high-performance gear oils are perfect for hypoid and planetary gears in heavy-duty mobile equipment, as well as in differentials. They are ideal for applications requiring thermally stable, high film strength lubricants that will resist oxidation and sludge formation, while providing wear-reducing EP protection.

You need uninterrupted operation and lubricants that can last. LE can help establish lubricant reliability throughout your operation, whether you have garbage trucks, dumpsters, compactors or a combination of two or three of these. If you have questions or would like recommendations from one of LE’s certified local consultants, please contact us today.

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