Onsite expertise offers instant impact

Digging, dredging, hauling and pumping equipment require metal surfaces to be lubricated properly and be free of water and dirt to maximize operational life. Equipment used in the sand and gravel industry is subject to extremes in temperature, moisture, dust and dirt, all of which can be detrimental to lubricant performance and lead to premature equipment failure and expensive parts replacement. Lubrication Engineers has been serving customers in the sand and gravel industry for many years, and our expert lubrication consultants and onsite service can make an instant impact on your operation.

LE has solutions for gritty challenges

Electric motor replacement can be expensive and time-consuming, and electric motors need to run reliably to keep dredges, water pumps, conveyor belts and screens operating. LE’s superior electric motor grease will outlast most competitive lubricants, keeping your electric motors running efficiently. LE also provides the tools necessary for proper application of the grease, whether you perform manual application or prefer today’s automatic lubricators to improve consistency and reduce labor costs.

Do your wire ropes, cables and draglines become rusted, corroded or frayed? You can protect your wire rope and cable from high stress loading, shock loading, jerking and heavy loads with LE’s full line of penetrating and coating wire rope lubricants. Whether you want lubricant to penetrate to the core or to coat and seal, LE can supply a full range of protective lubricant solutions. We even supply wire rope lubricant applicators to reduce labor costs and ensure safe, reliable operation of your wire rope.

Protect your engines from wear and from the effects of extreme operating conditions, including cold, heat, moisture, dirt, heavy shock loads and continuous operation. LE’s full line of engine oils, transmission fluids and fuel supplements are proven performers in mobile and stationary engines operating under severe conditions.

Let LE help

LE has the knowledge and technical service expertise to help with all of your lubricant and lubrication reliability needs – whether your sand and gravel operation is big or small. Even better, we support you onsite by assessing your needs and implementing best practices that can help reduce lubricant-related failures and costly lubricant changeovers.

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