Engine oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil and other lubricant solutions for oil drilling and natural gas operations can help equipment combat an array of challenges, including wear, heat, heavy loads, contamination from water and dirt, oil leakage, foam, sludge and rust. Grease point problems, such as pound-out and wash-out, pose additional difficulties. If left untreated, these challenges can lead to increased downtime, decreased production, shortened engine oil lubricant and equipment life, and expensive parts replacement. Lubrication Engineers offers an array of lubricant reliability solutions for oil and gas field operations, including high-performance lubricants for drilling equipment.

It is much easier and more cost-effective to put clean lubricant into your equipment and keep it clean and dry than it is to remove water, particulate matter and other contaminants after they’ve gotten into the lubricant. The best way to prevent and remove contamination is a comprehensive lubricant reliability program that includes the right lubricants, the appropriate reliability tools and training for key personnel. LE has the expertise, products and services to create the right solutions for all of our oil and gas customers.

LE’s high-quality, high-performance engine oils, gear oils, hydraulic oils, greases and other lubricant reliability solutions – chosen wisely and cared for properly for each piece of equipment – can protect expensive equipment, extend lubricant life, increase production and decrease downtime. By reducing the amount of waste oil and filters that require disposal, LE lubricants are also environmentally friendly.

Benefits of LE’s lubricant reliability program

Specific benefits associated with our lubricant reliability program for oil and gas field operations include:

  • Extended oil drains and regreasing intervals
  • Reduced friction and protection from wear
  • Complete water-oil separation
  • Longer seal life and sealed out contaminants
  • Foam and sludge elimination
  • Reduced operating temperatures
  • Water and rust protection
  • Significant reduction in bearing replacements

Applications for LE’s engine oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil and other lubricant solutions

LE’s engine oils, gear oils, hydraulic oils, greases and other lubricant reliability solutions are appropriate for a wide range of oil and gas applications. Oil field operations encompass many processes, including drilling, completion, workover, stimulation, production, gathering and transportation of the product for the final stages of processing and refining. Our lubricants are put to work frequently within mobile work rigs, pumping stations, compression units and gathering fields.

Mobile work rigs: drilling, completion, workover and fracturing (fracking) applications

  • Diesel engines / diesel generators – Supply power generation
  • Mud pumps – Circulate the mud that serves as the drilling fluid
  • Torque converters & transmissions – Run the drawworks, mud pumps and rotary table
  • Hydraulic systems, gearboxes, top drive units – Turn drill stem, elevate mast (derrick), operate tongs and other hydraulic equipment
  • Rotary table – Turns drill stem and supports drilling assembly
  • Wire ropes on drawworks – Lower or raise the drill stem and catline
    Swivels and winches (rotary tools that permit free rotation of the drill stem)
  • Grease points on crown sheaves and block bearings, and the U-joints on power drive assemblies

Pumping station, compression unit and gathering field applications

  • Stationary diesel engines – Supply power to the pumps and compressors

Transportation applications

  • Diesel trucks – Transport product to processing facilities
  • Vacuum trucks – Haul mud and water

LE offers an array of lubricants and lubricant reliability solutions appropriate for oil field equipment and applications. To learn how we can accommodate you with our engine oil lubricants, natural gas engine oils, and other products and services, please contact us today.

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