Improve your operation with lubricant reliability program

Bring performance to your logging operation, saw mill or wood processing plant starting today with Lubrication Engineers lubricant reliability program. Lubricants used in the lumber and wood industries are subject to abrasive and corrosive contaminants such as fine sawdust and moisture. Hot and cold operating extremes, acids and caustics – combined with heavy loads and high-speed operation – place demands on the equipment and the lubricants meant to protect it. LE lubricants are engineered to handle these extreme conditions and still perform when conventional lubricants would fall short. Included in the LE offering is an effective line of Low-Tox® lubricants recommended for environmentally sensitive applications.

LE’s certified local consultant will help assess your applications and equipment, recommend products and services, and help to implement a lubricant reliability program onsite. Contact us today to get started or to ask for our suggestions with any challenges you are facing. We can help improve your equipment reliability, which will lead to reduced downtime and increased profits.

LE lubricants are solutions to lumber & wood industry challenges

No fleet can afford unscheduled downtime. Improve your mobile equipment reliability with LE’s engine oils, transmission fluids and diesel fuel improvers. Hot and cold environmental conditions, dirt, water and heavy loads can create an enormous strain on the lubricants designed to protect your equipment. Logging trucks, skidders, loaders, mechanized tree harvesters and other mobile equipment used in lumber and wood industry equipment can benefit from LE products. LE’s engine oils are designed for all-season, all-weather performance. They can minimize drag during startup at low temperatures, as well as effectively lubricate at high temperatures. They provide superior wear-reducing protection, and minimize sludge and deposit formation. The oils feature heavy-duty detergents and dispersants to keep engine parts clean by keeping contaminants in suspension until they can be removed during regularly scheduled oil drains.

Stationary equipment used in lumber and wood operations is also exposed to detrimental conditions such as sawdust, moisture, contaminants, heat and continuous operation. You can increase uptime by protecting your gearboxes, hydraulic systems, bearings and other components from wear or premature failure with LE’s high-performance greases, hydraulic fluids and gear oils. Would you like to find out what LE can do for your business? Contact us today to discover solutions geared toward your operation.

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