Tool Provides 1,000-Ft View & Scorecard for Lubrication Excellence Journey

The Lubrication Benchmark Audit is a tool to help you establish where your organization is and what needs to happen next to achieve or maintain Lubrication Excellence – the ultimate goal. This audit can be done at any time in your journey, whether you are just getting started or well on your way. It can be repeated periodically to allow you to track progress, make course adjustments, and focus on next steps.

Audit Benefits

  • Determines where you are on your Lubrication Excellence journey using a 1 (not engaged) through 5 (excellence) scoring system in nine audit categories
  • Provides accurate benchmark by acknowledging the good and bad
  • Includes detailed report with category scores, photos, notes and next steps
  • Can be repeated whenever needed for an up-to-date score
  • Is performed by your local LE representative, ensuring familiarity and continued support

What it takes to achieve Lubrication Excellence status is different for every company but in most cases starts with benchmarking. Our Xpert Lubrication Benchmark Audit is a simple, efficient way for us to evaluate your facility in nine categories. After delivering the audit report, we can assist in determining what your next steps are.

Audit Categories

  1. Lubrication Best Practices
  2. Asset & Lubricant Identification
  3. Storage & Handling
  4. Oil Analysis & Sampling
  5. Contamination Control
  6. Filtration
  7. Training, Skill Development & Certifications
  8. Software, CMMS & EAM
  9. Safety & Accessibility

Your facility has achieved Lubrication Excellence when it has a top score in all audit categories. This means implementation of all recommended steps, which results in extended lubricant and equipment life, improved efficiency, enhanced safety, minimized downtime, and reduced waste.

Audit Process

After your organization has purchased a Lubrication Benchmark Audit, your trained LE representative will arrange a time to perform the audit, which involves meeting with you or a designated representative and touring your facility. The timeframe for the audit can vary from a partial day to multiple days depending on the size of your facility and other factors. Your LE representative will provide their notes, photos, and other information from the audit to LE’s team of certified experts, which will then create a report and send it to you within one to two business days.

Audit Report Contents

  • Title page with audit completion date
  • Average score across all categories
  • Radar chart and list of all 9 categories
  • Breakdown of each category:
    • Score comparison against overall average
    • Questions and answers
    • Notes
    • Up to 3 photos affecting score (good and bad)
    • Next steps to achieve Lubrication Excellence
  • Lubrication Excellence Implementation Worksheet that allows for priority, timeline and budget to be established for each area of improvement.

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