Thorough Assessment Delivers Detailed Plan of Action for Your Facility

A thorough assessment is an important first step for any organization wanting to start a lubrication reliability program or benchmark their current efforts. With our field experience and technical expertise, LE can help you understand your current lubrication practices and challenges, and determine what improvements can be made to improve your operational efficiency.

The goal of LE’s Xpert Equipment Reliability Assessment is to establish a baseline and identify specific equipment-level opportunities for improvement. It is a detailed investigation of every lubricated asset and component in the facility, along with specific improvements recommended for each. The output will be a valuable blueprint for implementing or improving your lubrication reliability program.

LE can customize the assessment to your needs – whether you require the entire operation to be analyzed or just a few pieces of critical equipment.


  • Reduced downtime & costs
  • Increased profits & employee morale
  • Maximized operational efficiency

Information We Capture

  • Lube points
  • Current lubricants(s)
  • Lubrication frequency & methods
  • State of lube room
  • Filtration: If it is being done and to what spec (ISO target)
  • Asset’s name plate information
  • Verification of OEM-recommended lube
  • Visual inspection for dirt, rust, varnish, water ingression, missing or broken reservoir caps, open hatch covers, damaged seals, gaskets, and leaks


LE’s trained and certified lubrication reliability experts perform the work, delivering the following:

  • Spreadsheet with all the key findings
  • Recommendations for reliability products and services to keep your lubricant dry, clean and organized, including:
  • Lube room improvements
  • Oil sampling & analysis
  • Filtration products
  • Desiccant breathers
  • Sight glasses
  • Automatic lubrication methods, including single-point lubricators and centralized systems
  • Lubricant color coding & identification
  • A list of lubricants currently in use that do not meet the recommended OEM viscosities
  • Opportunities for consolidation of lubricants
  • Calculations of proper lube frequencies & amounts

Next Step: Implementation

After the Equipment Reliability Assessment is complete, we can help you take your program to the next step: Implementation. Our experts can help train your team and be onsite as you begin the improvement journey. We take great care in helping you achieve your lubrication reliability goals.

Let’s Get Started!

There’s no better time than the present to take the first step on your journey to lubrication reliability excellence. It is amazing what an outside team of experts can uncover. By taking this journey, you can help your organization reduce costs, reduce downtime and enhance profits. LE’s customized, cost-effective Xpert Equipment Reliability Assessment can pay for itself within the first year.

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