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Xtract Filtration - Uses for Filter Cart

Filtering new oil and used oil keeping it clean of particulates and moisture will prolong the life of the oil and keep the equipment protected from wear. Studies have shown that as much as 70 percent of all premature machine failures can be attributed to contamination. The key is to purify the oil new as it comes into the facility and keep it clean throughout its operating life. By establishing an ISO code cleanliness goal and maintaining it you will extend the life of the oil and the equipment. Large and small particles are destructive and the enemy. By removing the particles we can keep the equipment protected from abnormal wear. If you are looking to improve your current lubrication reliability efforts one tool that is a must to have is a portable or dedicated filtration system designed to screen the oil removing large particulates and clean the oil from small particulates.

How LE used filtration as part of our lubrication reliability efforts

Xtract Filtration on Gearbox

The LE maintenance team was changing the oil in its gearboxes every year, regardless of need. In 2009, LE officially started its new lubrication reliability program, transitioning from interval-based to condition-based maintenance. The grease kettle gearboxes were among the first pieces of equipment to receive special attention, with the goal of extending the life of the lubricant while continuing to protect the equipment from wear. We began filtering the oil annually with Xtract® filter carts, experimenting with filter micron size and number of passes through the filter until we found what worked best to reach an ISO goal of 17/16/13. In the first seven years following this change, LE reduced oil consumption on four gearboxes from a total of 61 gallons per year to zero gallons – a total of 427 gallons. Regular use of our Xamine® Oil Analysis Program provided peace of mind that the oil remained contamination-free and in like-new condition. For more information, Reliability Program LE Gearbox

Xtract® Standard Filter Cart

Xtract Standard Filter cart

Xtract® Standard Filter Carts are designed for offline, secondary filtration of mineral-based fluids for filtering mineral-based industrial oils and most synthetic oils with a maximum operating viscosity range of ISO 680 at 100°F/38°C (3,000 ssu/648cSt) within ambient temperature ranges of -15°F to 150°F (-26°C to 66°C) that can be used in a wide range of applications. Xtract Standard Filter Carts are ideal for industrial environments both indoors and outdoors and for use on small to medium-sized reservoirs with low flow rates. Portable filtration systems provide a cost effective way to pull oil samples, clean, and maintain oil cleanliness in multiple applications using the same fluid. Xtract Standard Filter Carts come with configurable options.

Xtract® Drum Topper

Xtract Drum Topper

Xtract® Drum Toppers are convenient portable filtration units in a compact design that you can carry wherever you need to go.  They can be used in a wide range of applications, and are primarily for filtering mineral-based industrial oils and most synthetic oils with a maximum operating viscosity range of ISO 10-460 at 100°F (38°C) within ambient temperature ranges of -8°F to 104°F (-22°C to 40°C). Xtract Drum Toppers come with configurable options and are best used in decontaminating systems, flushing new or repaired systems, dispensing new oil, pre-filtering new oil, evacuating used oil, topping off reservoirs, and collecting oil samples for analysis.

Xtract® Spin-On Filter

Xtract Spin On Filter

Versatile low-capacity filter for removal of water and particle contaminants. With a broad range of thermal and chemical compatibility, the Xtract® Spin-On Filter works on a wide array of applications, including the Xtract Standard Filter Cart. Synthetic media offers the widest chemical compatibility, and steel wire construction maintains proper shape while lowering restriction.

Xtract® Full Flow Filter

Xtract Full Flow Filter

High-capacity filtration solution for large applications and high contamination. The Xtract® Full Flow Filter provides high efficiency filtration with low pressure drop. They feature synthetic media with excellent chemical compatibility; high dirt-holding capacity; and smooth, rounded fibers for low resistance to fluid flow.

Xtract™ Depth Filter

Xtract Depth Filter

Inexpensive filtration solution for light-viscosity oils. The Xtract® Depth Filter with wound cellulose media is an inexpensive method for obtaining high-efficiency filtration in light-viscosity oils such as hydraulic, turbine or transformer oils. It helps clean (not just screen) the oil by dislodging contaminants. Ideal for removing sludge and varnish, it provides high efficiency filtration at very low micron levels (<1 micron).

Xtract™ Bag Filter

Xtract Bag Filter

Excellent pre-filtration solution to catch large particulates that would otherwise damage or quickly plug primary filters. The Xtract® Bag Filter has high solids-retention capacity. It is compatible with most fluids and is made of polypropylene (PPE) material with a glazed surface to prevent fabric fibers from entering media.

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