Greentastic® provides fast, effective industrial cleanup

This powerful liquid concentrate cleaner is water-based and contains nine carefully selected and blended active cleaning ingredients – almost twice as many as conventional multipurpose industrial cleaning products. These ingredients work together to provide a robust industrial cleaning solution perfect for many different uses, including oil and grease. Greentastic outperforms many conventional non-caustic industrial cleaners. Plus, it is phosphate-free as well as phosphorous-free, making it a better choice for the environment.

Mixed with water or a solvent, Greentastic Industrial Cleaner works great for cleaning concrete surfaces, degreasing parts, washing trucks and tractors, cleaning food manufacturing equipment, and a variety of other industrial cleaning applications. See the product flyer for more details, including mixing ratios and directions for use.

Beneficial Qualities

Greentastic Industrial Cleane

Highly effective in a broad range of heavy-duty applications and is gentle enough to be used as a general purpose cleaner. Can be used with solvents for degreasing and other types of solvent cleaning.

Quick, easy & effective
Is easy to apply with power sprayer, floor scrubber, mops, cloths or brushes. Works quickly to loosen and dissolve dirt, grease and grime from surfaces.

Leave no detergent or solvent film, assuring totally clean surfaces and no streaking (when rinsed properly).

Safe & environmentally friendly
Is non-caustic, non-acidic, non-flammable and is phosphate-and phosphorous-free. Contains no abrasives.

Economical and trouble-free
Mixes easily with water or solvents without difficulties. Takes just 1 gallon of concentrate to make 32-64 gallons of cleaning solution for most applications.

Greentastic - Applications

Greentastic can be used in food manufacturing plants

Greentastic Industrial Cleaner is suitable and effective for cleaning food processing equipment, as long as standard operating procedures are followed. It is important to ensure proper rinsing before and after applying Greentastic. Please note that Greentastic is not a sanitizer, and should never be used as a sanitizer in food processing environments. Greentastic meets the criteria of a USDA A1 General Cleaner and has been self certified as such.
Greentastic can be used in food plants

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