LE’s industrial oils work for countless applications

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Industrial Oils

Lubrication Engineers’ large selection of industrial oils are well-suited for a vast array of uses, including long-service-life applications, high- and low-temperature applications, applications with the possibility of incidental food contact, and outdoor applications in marine environments and other areas where environmental concerns require the use of a very low-toxicity lubricant. LE industrial oils are available in a wide range of ISO grades, with viscosities to meet any application requirement.

Most of our industrial oils contain at least one of LE’s proprietary additives to improve performance, including:

  • Monolec®, a wear-reducing additive that creates a single molecular lubricating film on metal surfaces
  • Quinplex®, an impact-resistant additive that helps to form a barrier against corrosion
  • Duolec®, a dual-acting additive that imparts synergistic properties to lubricants, providing both wear-reducing and extreme pressure protection

Comprehensive industrial oil lineup offers many benefits

LE industrial oils encompass 15 major categories, ranging from gear oils, air compressor oils and hydraulic oils to rock drill oils, turbine oils and low-toxicity oils. Because the kinds of industrial oils LE offers are so diverse, the features and benefits are also diverse. These include anti-foam, anti-wear, high-viscosity, thermal stability and high load-carrying ability, as well as many others. Among the oils in the LE line are varieties that are semi-synthetic or fully synthetic, some that meet NSF H1 requirements for incidental food contact and are certified Kosher Pareve by the Orthodox Union, and some that meet USDA H2 criteria for non-food contact areas of food processing plants.

Because of these features and benefits, LE’s industrial oils can prevent rust, adhere to metal, combat acid hydrolysis, loosen corroded and frozen parts, and meet or exceed OEM requirements for various types of machinery.

Our specially designed industrial oils continually outperform conventional oils in numerous applications. Heat exchange systems, hydraulics, centralized lubrication systems, air compressors and construction equipment all benefit from our superior formulations, which contain the right base oils and the right additive packages for each application.

To learn more about our many industrial oils and other lubrication reliability products, please contact LE.

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