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It all started in 1951, when three lubricant salesmen in Fort Worth, Texas, had a vision.LE 1951 - Fort Worth, Tx They knew they could make better-performing lubricants for their customers, so they set out on their own to do just that. Fast forward to today, and Lubrication Engineers is a trusted lubrication reliability partner to companies all over the world, with 100-plus employees, nearly 100 independent consultants across the United States, and distributors in more than 60 countries.  Find out about current job opportunities and being a part of the LE team.

When James Bell, Donald King and Jess Woodard founded Lubrication Engineers all those years ago, they put the company on the road to growth by focusing on quality products and excellent customer service. That focus continues to this day.

Our Founders

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What We Do

We formulate and manufacture our own lubricants – using our propriety additives – in Wichita, KS, home of our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, technology center, warehouse, and offices. We also offer regional distribution out of warehouses in Tennessee and California.

We place a strong emphasis on R&D and technology to ensure that LE lubricants meet the needs of our customers and continue to exceed the performance of conventional oils and greases in a wide variety of industrial and automotive applications.
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To complement our lubricant offering, we offer a full line of lubrication reliability products and services, including solutions for oil analysis, storage handling and transfer, contamination exclusion, contamination removal, education and training. See our comprehensive line of reliability solutions.


How We Do It

We build lasting relationships by helping our customers develop lubrication reliability programs that significantly increase performance and reliability, which lowers their total cost of ownership.

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